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ATTENTION! Due to power outages, February’s ENA Board Meeting is rescheduled to Thursday, Feb. 25th, 7-9 PM.

To access the meeting, email vicepresident@eastmorelandpdx.org by 5:30 p.m. Click here for the agenda.

The Winter 2020 edition of the ENA Newsletter is here!

Click here to download the Winter 2020 ENA Newsletter. To download prior newsletters, go to the ENA Newsletter tab from the menu at the top of this page.

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The mailing address for the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association is:
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ENA Board Meetings

ENA Board meetings generally take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month (7-9PM), September – May.  All are welcome to attend. The location and the draft agenda are posted one week in advance. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, ENA Board meetings are temporarily taking place via Zoom conferencing (using computer, tablet or phone).

Go to the ENA Documents Archive tab, Google Drive on the website for meeting minutes.

2020 Annual Meeting Presentation

Click here for the 2020 Annual Members’ Meeting presentation.

100 Trees for 100 Years:  Planting the first 100 to Thrive

Planting 100 trees is the first step in a street tree succession plan– a campaign to unite the neighborhood and foster community norms and inspire individual actions that will sustain an optimal street tree canopy through time—preserving valuable existing trees, filling empty planting spaces, and replacing dead, dying, or dangerous trees.  Overall, the plan is based on best practices as defined by professional municipal arborists.  It also includes education and outreach to neighbors, and the selection and purchase of choice nursery stock.  The aim is not only to plant trees, but also to create strategies that ensure that property owners, whatever their personal preferences, now and in the future, act in the interests of the community’s canopy—making sure not only these first 100 trees but also successive hundreds thrive for their life-spans—100 years and more.

Please view the 100 Trees for 100 Years Project Post for more details.

Crime Statistics

Click on Crime Statistics above or go to: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/71978. First, you want to choose the neighborhood association. You can either select it in the scroll down box above the map or you can click on it on the map. Then you can select the dates/months you want to see and then you can print them out. These statistics only go back as far as May of 2015 when they began loading the information into the new program. That gives you a two year window, so it’ll show a little depth of view. At that time, they reclassified some crimes, too, so even though it’s not a long view, the comparisons will be apples to apples from May 2015 forward.

Eastmoreland Historic District Nomination Website

The ENA Neighborhood Association Historic District website includes events, timeline, and comprehensive information including frequently asked questions and documents related to the Eastmoreland Historic District project. Here is the link: historicdistrict.eastmorelandpdx.org.

SHPO’s Eastmoreland Historic District Nomination Webpage Launched
The State Historic Preservation Office has launched a webpage dedicated to Eastmoreland’s historic District nomination. Click here for information about the process, nomination, documents, and updates about the nomination.

Eastmoreland Historic District Nomination Document
Click here for the Eastmoreland Historic District nomination.