ENA Board Meeting Rescheduled to Thursday, Feb. 25th, 7-9 PM via Zoom

Due to power outages, February’s ENA Board Meeting is rescheduled to Thursday, Feb. 25th. To access the meeting, email vicepresident@eastmorelandpdx.org on Feb. 25th by 5:30 PM.

DRAFT AGENDA (click here for a printable PDF)

6:55   Sign-in, participant identification (5 minutes)

7:00   Introductions   

7:05   Approval of Agenda – Board

7:07   Approval of Meeting Notes – Review andadoption of January minutes.  Dinah Adkins.

7:10  Green Spaces Maintenance Funding Task Force – Update–Todd Bauman (5 min)  

7:15  Board Retreat Phase 2 Update- Alison Derse and Dianne Levinson

7:20 SEUL and State and City legislative proposals Homeless Camping Policy – (10 min)

7:30 ENA Board and Committee Needs – Candidate recruiting and Committee needs. Dinah Adkins.

7:35 Annual Meeting: Processplanning and approval

7:45 Reed College Place Dog Waste Containers– Curtis Grezenski

7:55  Committee Reports

  • 7:55 Tree Committee – Jerry Beatty and Matt McGraw. (5 minutes)
    • Current activities update:  News?   Added comments re RCP tree assessment
    • Neighborhood 100 trees for 100. Adopted Masterplan policy for website
  • 8:00 Land Use Committee –  Rod Merrick (15 minutes)
    • Notices and requested comment from City:
    • Oregon Legislative Proposals re residential density
  • 8:15 Communications Committee Report – Joe Dudman, Andy Payne (10 min)
    • Newsletter –transition plan!!! Call to action- David Dowell
    • eblast and eNewsletter assignments?
    • WebsiteENA email points of contact for website-Andy Payne
    • Website -on line sale of t-shirts and engraved paving
    • Website – final call for committee chairs for content -Rod
  • 8:25 Eastmoreland Garden – Budget and Bids. Lila Brightbill (3 min)
  • 8:28 Schools Committee- Andy Payne and George Bengtson(2 min)
  • 8:30 Development Committee Task Force – Marketing T-shirts on the website. Paul Henson
  • 8:35 Transportation/Parking/Sidewalks – Consider ideas for moving the Slow Streets designation from 27th and Knapp to 27th and Bybee and re-designing the intersection of Woodstock and 28th.Russ Monson (10min)
  • 8:45 Welcoming Committee – Alison Derse, Beth Warner (5 min)
  • 8:50 Historic District: SHPORule making update (1 minute)
  • 8:51 SEUL Board Report – Christian Solsby   
  • Final Comments
  • 9:00 Adjourn

Agenda Requests for March Meeting; To request a topic for listing on the Draft Agenda, please contact communications@eastmorelandpdx.org 14 days prior to the Board Meeting date. To receive notice of the agenda by email, please go to the ENA webpage eastmorelandPDX.org, scroll down and enter your name and email. In accordance with our 2018 Communications Policy, this email list is used only to communicate with our members. Thank you.

Meetings on the Reed College Campus have been cancelled indefinitely due to campus closure.

Request for All Committee Chairs:

In the interests of reserving more Board meeting time for discussion and simplifying minute-taking, the ENA officers are requesting that committee chairs provide written summary reports 36 hours prior to the meeting for distribution by the secretary. Please include a series of bullet points or narrative of information concerning your committee including any action needed by the Board. These reports will be compiled and distributed to you 24 hours prior to the meeting along with the previous meeting’s minutes. You’ll be able to have a preview of the details of committee’s work in advance of the Board meeting and reflect on thoughts or questions you may have.