ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, April 16th, 7-9 PM. Due to the coronavirus crisis, this meeting will be held via online video for board and audio for members by request

To request invitation, please send email to meeting host: vicepresident@eastmorelandpdx.org

DRAFT AGENDA   (click here for a printable PDF)

6:55   Sign-in, participant identification (5 minutes)

7:00   Introductions

7:05   Approval of Agenda – Board

7:07   Approval of Meeting Notes – Review andadoption of March minutes.  Dinah Adkins.

7:10   Treasurer’s Quarter 1 Report. David Dowell (5min)

7:15   Green Spaces Maintenance Funding Task Force –  Tree Health Assessment– Bauman (5 min)

7:20   Covid-19 Response – open discussion of needed ENA actions. (10 min)

7:25   Reset ENA Garage Sale and Neighborhood Cleanup timelines. Paul Henson for (Amy Reiersgaard), Matt Morovsky (5 min)

7: 30  Nominations Committee Update (10 min)

7:40  Elections Committee Update (10 min)

7:50  Options for Annual Meeting (10 min)

8:00 Committee Reports

  • Communications Committee Report – Kristiana Nelson, Andy Payne (10 min)
    • ENA Newsletter –Joe Dudman
    • Enewsletter: Communicating agenda and adopted minutes
    • Facebook and eblast and eNewsletter assignments
    • Communications policy acknowledgements
  • Historic District: Rule making update if any. Rod Merrick (2 minutes)
  • Schools Committee- Matt Timberlake and George Bengtson(5 min)
  • Development Committee Task Force – Action Planupdate–  Paul  Henson (5 min)
  •  Welcoming Committee –Carlson and Warner (5 min)
  • SEUL Board Report –  Christian Solsby   (5 min)
  • SEUL Land  Use and Transportation (meeting suspended) – Lila Brightbill (0 min)
  • Transportation/Parking/Sidewalks. Web presence. Russ Monson (5 min)
  • Tree Committee – Tree Team at al.(10 minutes)
    • 100 Tree for 100 years implementation plan update
    • Large canopy tree implementation update
  • Land Use Committee –  Rod Merrick (10 minutes)
    • Multnomah NA vs Portland –Oregon Supreme Court Appeal
    • Notices and requested comment from City
    • Land Use – New Issues Discussion

8:55       Final Comments and Adjourn

Agenda Requests for May; To request a topic for listing on the Draft Agenda, please contact communications@eastmorelandpdx.org 14 days prior to the Board Meeting date. To receive notice of the agenda by email, please go to the ENA webpage eastmorelandPDX.org, scroll down and enter your name and email. In accordance with our 2018 Communications Policy, this email list is used only to communicate with our members. Thank you.

Meetings on the Reed College Campus have been cancelled for the month of April.