ENA Restrictive Covenant

The Covenant provides permanent and irrevocable protection for your property as described in the Covenant allowing for lot line adjustments that may expand or reduce the overall size as long as additional “legal” lots (for additional residences) are not created.

The Covenant delegates the right to enforce the Covenant to the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association and its constituent land holders.

Review the terms in your loan agreement. From your lender’s perspective you are adding an encumbrance that may require their approval.  If required, provide the lender with a copy of the Covenant for approval.

Note: The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) provides this form Declaration of Covenant for personal use by owners of property within the neighborhood boundaries. The Declaration of Covenant was commissioned and paid for by the ENA, drawn by an attorney specializing in land use law, and is made available as a courtesy for private use for residents within the ENA Boundaries. ENA is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization depending on neighbors like you for its financial support.

Disclaimer: Use of the Declaration of Covenant document or the provided instructions should not be considered as legal advice or a guarantee of any particular result. The documents may not take into account all relevant facts or circumstances applicable to your situation or interpretation of law. The ENA, its Board of Directors and members therof are not responsible to advise on legal matters. If you have questions about the use of or modifications you wish to make to the documents, please consult an attorney specializing in land use law.