Emergency Preparedness

Wildfire Links

“How to tighten up your emergency plan” (OPB News – wildfires and earthquakes)

Oregon Wildfire Resources (State of Oregon). Includes links to up-to-date news and alerts, evacuations, emergency lodging, road conditions and closures, air quality, etc.

State of Oregon’s RAPTOR Tool. Real-time Assessment and Planning Tool – mapping for situational awareness.

State of Oregon Fires and Hotspots Dashboard.

Oregon Department of Forestry Fire Mapping Tool. Includes real-time information and statistics.

US Wildfire Reports (ESRI online mapping). This map displays current wildfire locations as reported by responding agencies and other sources of information related to wildfires.

AirNow (EPA) real-time air quality tool.

Air quality real-time mapping for Oregon. This provides international air quality information including Oregon-specific information.

Earthquake Preparedness

Being prepared for “the big one” is a matter of life and death. The ENA Emergency Preparedness Committee has created two guides to assist you in your preparation and in the event a major earthquake should occur.